Torchlight II

Runic Games’ Torchlight II has been pretty awesome so far. I’ve only downloaded and played through the demo, but it’s been fun so far. I’m really enjoying the loot of the game. It seems like every few minutes I find better armor or weapons to replace my current ones, and it’s really encouraging me to mix up my play styles. One minute I will be wielding a giant two-handed cannon with a chance of stun and that hits multiple enemies in a path; the next minute I will be using a melee weapon and a pistol to hit an enemy from afar and finish off any stragglers up close.

Torchlight II’s character classes are not sternly defined. I chose to play as a berserker, which is normally heavily geared towards melee. However I was able to quickly find and equip ranged weapons such as bows, pistols, and two-handed cannons. It’s nice to have a pistol in one hand and a claw or sword in the other hand. You can also equip gems to add elemental bonuses to armor or elemental effects to weapons. It’s pretty cool roaming through dungeons with a poisoned pistol, shooting bad guys at a distance while hacking away at close range with a lightning enhanced claw.

The demo version doesn’t have LAN or internet access, and only allows you to play through a few quests. Still, I put about two hours in before I hit the end of the Torchlight II demo. That’s plenty of time to get a feel for the game. I hate to compare it directly to Diablo III, but the comparisons are inevitable. After all, both games are in the same genre, and Runic has several ex-Diablo staff members on board. So comparisons are bound to be made wherever Torchlight II is brought up. I never played Torchlight I at all, but II is definitely worth a shot. At the very least check out the demo on Steam or their official website. Let me know what you think of Runic’s latest effort. I suspect if you enjoy the genre you will enjoy Torchlight II.

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